Say no to Blackout!

SIMPLE: Add value to your home or asset and benefit from capital gains and stress-free electrical blackouts.

We would like to give you, the hard-working South African, peace of mind that your capital input into your investment is feasible, of the highest quality your moolah can buy, and address our ever-changing environment and municipal service challenges. 

So we thought it might be an opportunity to enlighten our clients of any installation in your homes or investments that not only addresses our load shedding dilemma but can also increase the growth of your investment and appeal to potential future buyers.

Automatic change over on power failures, almost half the noise pollution of the cheaper versions, maintenance plans are available, guarantees and certificate of compliance documents presented on final payment.

17kVA R175k ex Vat (Single phase)

(Cabling and consumables are limited)

30kVA R190k ex Vat (Three phase)

(Cabling and consumables are limited)

Same Same or Similar depending on available stock

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